To My Knight

proposalOct. 6, 2016

My love, you are a comfort in this place

of godlessness, a knight among the thieves

of honor – noble victor, in your face

are remedies for much that in me grieves.

You are a wink of Christ, so dearly bought

by blood not ours, and in your arms I find

a shelter from the battles that I’ve fought,

where I can leave the loneliness behind.

You soothe my spirit, spur me on to seek

more love in Him who made us, loves us more

than we can love, and when I kiss your cheek

I glow with thoughts of all He has in store.

My darling, may I bless you in return

with deeper love than we could ever earn.



Acts 7


Stephen knew Jesus, and that’s how he stood.

Mad men arrested him with hell’s own lie,

but God turned over evil with His good.

Stephen started with what they understood,

Abraham’s calling by the Lord Most High.

Stephen heard Jesus, and that’s how he stood.

He spoke of Joseph, betrayed by those who should

have loved him, sold as a slave, how by and by

God still turned over evil with His good.

He spoke of Moses before the burning wood,

when God said, “I have heard My people’s cry.”

Stephen saw Jesus, and that’s why he stood.

He showed his accusers their true brotherhood,

idolaters with murder in their eyes,

warned that God turns over evil with His good.

What merciful vision! Stephen knew he would

inherit a glorious kingdom though he die.

Stephen saw Jesus and knew that He is good,

and evil was overturned because he stood.