Angels Desire

1 Peter 1:12

Was there a window to the womb

set up in the throne room of heaven those nine months,

the Father and the angels gathering to watch

the maker of the earth and heavens


and suck His thumb,

the Spirit enfolding the Savior in peace?

No wonder the angels couldn’t contain their joy

when He made it safely through that narrow birth canal!

How they must have stood in awe

as He took His first breath in the stuffy stable air.

How Gabriel must have longed

to tickle those perfect, tiny baby toes

as the callused carpenter hands wrapped Him gently in swaddling cloth.

It was Joseph burping Jesus,

Mary tracing her finger on His soft cheek.

Ah, this fragile creature Creator

brought into our world

where, even without a cross, all die

through tragedy or slow cellular decay –

what He has done

even the angels desire to comprehend.