Part Two of a two-part series on my weight-loss journey. If looking back is harsh, looking forward is AWESOME!
Dec. 12, 2011

Forgive me if I seem a little vain
posing in my new outfits with a grin.
Every pound lost lightens the long-felt strain,
and I at last feel beautiful in my skin.
All this is still so new. The way a child
delighting in a princess dress will squeal
and squirm to dance – this is how I’ve smiled
when the scale has told me that this dream is real.
Mirrors are not my enemies anymore,
and a run is joy unleashed (so much set free).
This is the victory I’ve labored for,
the shedding layers of insecurity.
Don’t mind me if I startle you with my laughter.
The giddiness has hit me – I’m the after!



Part One of a two-part series on my weight-loss journey. Inspired by seeing a photo of myself from 50 lbs ago…
Dec. 12, 2011

The shock. My tired eyes, ballooning coat,
an obese body fashion could not hide
from gentlemen or cameras, and a throat
obscured by a double chin. I almost cried.
What does this to a woman? Just a small
gland messing up metabolism. Time
will tack the pounds on pounds if she eats at all
’til she looks as if she’s thrown away her prime.
The anger. The relief – I’m al-most done
with all this hard work chiseling back to the me
who was always there and always seen by One
who formed the hidden promise I couldn’t see.
This photograph reminds me where I’ve been.
God, may I never be trapped in that again.