Running Away

Not a new poem, but here it is…

I got too scared so close and ran away.
You weren’t the prince that I was looking for,
or was I just too comfortable with “someday,”
distant and vauge and faceless – nothing more?
You, loud and real and quirky, flattered me
by sitting by my side, arm brushing arm,
a sudden temptation prodding me to see
if I could make you love me. What’s the harm?
What if I failed and your rejection chilled
my heart to deeper silence? What if success
just fed my selfishness until it killed
the very thing I craved – that tenderness?
That’s why I never gave you a real chance,
one reason I’m unpracticed at romance.


God Looks on the Heart

I Samuel 16:7, Jeremiah 17:9, Matthew 15:1-20, and John 3:16-17

“But God looks on the heart.” Small comfort there
for Eliab, or for David later on.
The heart reveals more wickedness, laid bare,
than actions show – for all the evil done
starts somewhere, and the heart, unbound by time
or consequences, can repeat its sins
in worn-down trails the feet would never climb.
If God judged us by actions, who could win?
Much less if He passed judgments by our hearts!
Every jealousy, adultery, murder, lie
comes out from our most hidden inner parts.
Judged by our hearts, we all deserve to die.
Praise Christ He, seeing our hearts, does not condemn,
Saves us from ourselves when we let His blood seep in.