Women of Judah

A Sonnet on Isaiah 3:16 – 4:6

How poor you are while living so rich and vain!
Designer lenses hide your haughty eyes.
You pass the new-made widow in her pain
to flash your pearly whites at wealthy guys.
Your credit cards are ever racking up
your debt for purses, perfectly styled hair,
shirts, skirts, and sweaters, but they aren’t enough –
the silver bounces brightly everywhere.
One day, your wardrobe will be torn apart,
your hair fall out in patches in your hand.
No man will stop to heal your broken heart,
and you won’t even have the strength to stand.
But you will know true beauty when the Lord
washes you cleaner than you could ever afford.


Thyroid Cancer and the Resurrection

April 13, 2011

There were nights I feared the sun would rise

without me, mornings I would hear birds sing

moments before I could say anything

and sluggish tears remained trapped in my eyes.

Those were the days that made me realize

how much I took for granted (like the swing

of arms and legs in motion), when the cling

of gravity could almost paralyze.

In You alone I live and move and breathe;

without You I can’t even hold up my head,

but You have resurrected me to run,

and though we all have reason yet to grieve,

a twinkling of Your eye will raise the dead

and lift us into heaven with the Son.