For Eowyn

A sonnet from about six years ago.


My love has been “a shadow and a thought”?

These restless feelings and these darting eyes

were full—was it for vanity I fought?

No, though I loved in vain. Was I unwise

to hope for one who seemed an honorable man,

who paid me heed when so few men had cared?

He was in love the day my life began,

but not with me. How greatly I have erred!

how deeply does the disillusion draw

the desperate thought, “I must not lose again”!

What vindication now if such men saw

the valor that arises out of pain!

The broken heart will battle in its turn.

Let no one doubt then how such hearts can burn!


Shadow and Light

A sonnet from a couple of years ago.

You speak of terror, of the fear of loss;

I think the day is breaking after night.

The sun is in my eyes as our paths cross.

Do you see shadow while you burst with light?

I fear your fear and tremble at the thought

that you will go and never take my hand

and never risk, but leave just as distraught

with memories resurrected – still unmanned.

What can I do but act as mirror and shine

your own light back on you, illumine your face

as your warm eyes stare with two tears in mine.

It’s me. It’s you. It’s foolish: no embrace.

We hurt. We ache. And so we cannot touch,

because we fear the later dark too much.