Leah’s Prayer

The man of God abandons me. God, how
can I believe You love me? Make my eyes
more bright and stunning. Let him see me now
as he has never seen me. Hear my cries,
as I rush to my children. They are his,
but he dotes on the idol-worshipper
and works for her, wherever his heart is.
My sister – oh how long I’ve envied her!
Where’s Your justice? I am always thrust
in places I’m not wanted. How can I
find anyone on earth I can still trust
when everyone is grasping, lie after lie?
God, don’t abandon this work of Your hands.
Forgotten – this is my life as it stands.


Inns, Dogs and Temples

Nov. 7, 2010

Oh God, I need to get away from this

lust-saturated culture leaving room

in inns for not a Savior but a kiss,

exchanging sweat for evening prayer’s perfume.

This animal pants always at our heels,

begging for us to call its slobber “sweet,”

adore and feed it. The mangy creature steals

whatever we give it — bone, caress, or meat.

This sickness hounds us everywhere we turn.

Hide me in some strong temple from its reach,

where only holy fire’s allowed to burn,

only a husband is allowed to breach,

and the Shekinah glory mixes there

with human love surrendered to Your care.